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Our Services

We close gaps in IT skillsets by providing one-to-one coaching and mentoring to software engineers and software engineering management.

Our highly specialized team provides technical mentoring that meets a wide variety of professional needs. By consulting directly with our clients we construct custom programs of study and deliver focused personal training. Using our purpose-built online learning platform, we address the skills development needs of corporations and individuals.

Who are we?

Nathan Schepers, Founder

Nathan has a passion for technology and for growing people’s technology skills using best practices in education.

His experience in software engineering spans fifteen years and many technologies. He has worked in every aspect of the industry, from testing and development to technical leadership and enterprise project management.

Our Team

Our trainers have extensive experience in front and back end development, cloud computing, data analytics and security. We have worked in diverse professional sectors and have the domain knowledge necessary to adapt our programs to specific organizational needs. We have successfully delivered courses of study at all levels.

We are currently seeking talented and community-minded team members. Contact us for more details.


"Finding the right provider for remote software training can be a challenge - matching skillsets, finding the right personality fit, and knowing that the training is working. Al Segno's trainers have both the background and the ability to make it work. The platform is easy to use, the trainers customize the classes for each client and constructive feedback ensures that clients are getting exactly what they need."

- Scott Tindle, Co-founder,

"While working as the Director of Business Intelligence at Locafox, I was given the opportunity to improve my skill in programming, specifically in Python, which is in use by our programming team. Already having a solid background in SQL and database/data modelling theory, I found the service provided by Al Segno to be a perfect way to increase my exposure to Python specifically, and software development in general.

Al Segno provided me with directed tutoring, weekly coaching, and custom-tailored homework exercises. My tutor worked with me to identify my goals and delivered a custom curriculum at a pace that I was comfortable with. They were prompt and responsive, and I would not hesitate to recommend their work as either one-to-one coaches or larger-scale corporate trainers."

- Sebastian Hewing, Director Business Intelligence, Locafox GmbH

"At Locafox, we use the SQLAlchemy ORM framework. I needed to improve my abilities, and Nathan worked with me in preparing a custom course. I had 1hr/wk of personal Skype coaching as well as homework assignments each week. Within 4 weeks I had a solid understanding not only of the use of the framework but of the fundamentals and theory behind object-relational mapping. Nathan's approach was perfectly suited to my style of learning and I will contact him again when I need to improve specific software technology skills."

- Alvaro Alonzo, Junior Business Intelligence Analyst, Locafox GmbH

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